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anydish for healthier employees

anydish can have an extraordinary impact on your company. Our simple app empowers your employees with personalized eating – increasing wellness and nurturing happiness!


anydish in the workplace

The Relationship Between Food and Productivity

As anydish improves employee’s nutritional health, it  also shows them the company cares… and ultimately boosts their on-the-job productivity.

Nutrition choices affect our health, good mood, focus, and energy — all of which employees need to feel positive and be productive at work.

anydish corporate nutrition utilizes breakthrough AI technology enabling employees to develop and maintain the diet uniquely right for them.

Anydish App 008.png

benefits for employees

Reduced risk for chronic health
conditions & diseases

Increased energy
& reduced fatigue

Empowering tools
to score & save favorites, compare foods, and update preferences  

Boosts collaboration with health professionals and syncs with anydish pro

Culinary medicine at
their fingertips 

benefits for employers


Multiple studies show that healthier, happier employees mean improved productivity, engagement, and loyalty

Low-cost benefit, with high engagement

Competitive advantage for recruitment
and retention of top talent

A great way to send the message to
your team that you care

Reduced employee absenteeism


Lower employer healthcare costs

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