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No matter your clinical needs, anydish is here to help you enjoy food and feel your best

We believe a healthier world starts with smart eating. And smart eating starts with personalization. That's why we give health professionals and individuals access to a broad array of recipe choices, tailored specifically to one's complex clinical needs and culinary preferences. We offer Providers, Payers, and Employers an intuitive platform for better nutritional care at scale, resulting in more efficient practices, healthier workspaces, and happier people.



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In one way or another, many of us had a set of health conditions (or a family member that did) and were disappointed when it came to the food component of treatment. There simply weren't enough healthy choices that were clinically adherent, tasted good, and were easily accessible. After much research, and realizing the need was even more prevalent than initially understood, we came together to problem-solve... and anydish was born!

meet our leadership team



We’re driven to empower health professionals - via our innovative platform - to provide clients with healthy, delicious, relevant food that is adherent to their complex nutritional needs - with simplicity and at scale.


Core Values

We take pride in working with high standards of integrity, accountability, quality work output, and incredible user experience. We strongly emphasize teamwork, trust in ourselves and our peers, and diversity.



We work hard and play hard, are highly collaborative, and respect that there’s more than one way to crack an egg. Ours is an upbeat environment, driven by the energy of people who enjoy what they do.

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