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culinary medicine,
perfectly tailored

anydish leverages AI to provide personalized recipe choices and nutritional tools that meet complex clinical needs.

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 recipes & tools - uniquely personalized, fully automated

Ensures the right macro and  micronutrients

Perfectly matches to individual tastes and culinary preferences

Seamlessly works on your behalf

how it works

AI technology automates searches, individually filtered for multiple clinical needs and culinary preferences 

Compares food ingredients by nutritional values – across tens of thousands of recipes in the largest database of its kind 

Results in perfectly tailored recipe and food options - down to the micronutrient level

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Clare Long, UK

"My sincere gratitude for the positive impact anydish has had on my life. Figuring out what to eat was a real struggle for me because of my health issues. However, my Nutritional Therapist recommended anydish, and it has been a game-changer. Your personalized approach, which utilized my test results to create a tailored nutrient plan, was incredibly effective. The app made it easy for me to find recipes suited to my specific needs, simplifying my meal planning and ensuring I could stick to my dietary requirements. Since using anydish, I have experienced significant improvements in my health. My bloating and cramping have completely gone, and I feel much better overall. This positive change has greatly improved my quality of life. I would definitely recommend anydish to anyone facing similar dietary challenges.
Thank you for providing such a valuable service and for helping me achieve better health."

simple. unique. accessible.

For Health Providers
Boost workflow efficiencies while improving client adherence 

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For Corporate Wellness
Invest in your employees with the benefits of personalized nutrition

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the anydish difference

We apply the macros, but unlike other solutions we also capture the full range of micronutrients – such as Vitamin D, Magnesium, Sodium, and Iron – for more precise nutritional care

Our AI algorithms  pull from tens of thousands of recipes, prioritized in our unique data framework to provide only those adherent to an individual's specific health needs and culinary  preferences

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"Food plays a critical part in chronic disease prevention and management"
- World Health Organization

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